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2022-10-08 17:46:13 By : Ms. Kelly Gao

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When was the last time you topped off your tires? If you're anything like most Americans, you're probably overdue. According to, "If a vehicle's tires are under-inflated by only 6 psi ... the tire's tread life could be reduced by as much as 25%." Ignoring such a quick and easy form of maintenance could come back to bite you in a big way. Luckily, thanks to these deals, it's easier and more affordable than ever to get your own portable air compressor and fill your tires in your very own driveway. All currently available at a discount, these super-affordable tire inflators could save you a trip to the gas station for a top-off or a call to AAA for a tow.

The TEROMAS tire inflator is a great choice because it can plug into your car's 12-volt cigarette lighter plug or a 110/120-volt wall outlet. It can inflate a P195/65R15 tire from 0 to 35 psi in under 4 minutes. The auto-off function automatically turns off the pump once it reaches your desired preset pressure value. This compressor, like many, has a digital display that conveniently shows your tire's current pressure, and a built-in LED flashlight. It comes with three additional adapters and can be used with cars, motorcycles, bikes, air mattresses, balls and more. With nearly 13,000 Amazon ratings, it's sitting at a score of 4.5 out of 5. Learn more here.

This Avid Power tire inflator is a multi-purpose cordless pump that can be used with most tires, inflatable sports balls and more. It's a little more expensive than the others on our list, but it's also a little more convenient, since it doesn't need to be plugged in. If its battery pack happens to be out of juice when you need it, it also comes with a 12-volt power adapter that can be used to plug it in. The compressor has an automatic stop function with an indicated pressure accuracy of +/- 1 psi, a built-in LED light and comes with its very own tool bag. It also has a score of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon based on over 17,000 ratings. Be aware that this compressor, like many others, isn't suitable for large truck tires.

Last but not least, this AstroAI air compressor is the most affordable of the bunch, but it's still absolutely packed with features. It can inflate 195/55/R15 car tires from 0 to 35psi under 5 minutes, provides pressure readings that promise to be accurate to within 1.5%, allows users to program their own PSI and let the machine take it from there, and it has a backlit screen to make it easy to see what's going on. Like most others, it also has a built-in LED flashlight, includes a built-in cigarette lighter port power cord and it comes with 3 extra nozzles, so you can use it for more than just car tires. The AstroAI compressor has a huge 51,000 ratings on Amazon and is currently sitting at a total review score of 4.5 out of 5. Learn more about the AstroAI right here.

The Hychika portable compressor is basically a handheld multi-tool disguised as a tire inflator. It has a built-in rechargeable battery, on-board power for charging your devices in a pinch, an LED flashlight with SOS mode, and oh yeah, it can inflate things too. Max power is 160 PSI meaning it can easily tackle smaller jobs like bike and car tires, pool toys, etc. And you can currently snag it for less than $26. It’s small, light, and compact a great travel accessory or addition to your car’s trunk or glove box.

The VacLife tire inflator plugs into your car's 12V power outlet with an 11.9-foot power cord to get its juice. It has automatic shutoff capability, allowing it to turn off once it hits your preset psi level, a built-in LED flashlight, and comes with 3 additional nozzles for inflatables like sports equipment, bike tires and more. This one is a great budget option, but won't work for large vehicles with tire pressure greater than 50 psi or tire width greater than 245 mm like some trucks and off-road vehicles.

The EPAuto air compressor is one of the most popular options out there. It plugs into your car's 12-volt lighter socket, comes with additional valve adapters for things like basketballs, inflatables, etc., features an automatic shutoff and has a built-in LED flashlight, like so many others. Also, like many of the more portable tire inflator options, this one isn't recommended for trucks or larger vehicles. Be aware that this air compressor's power cord is on the shorter side, clocked at only about 9 feet by a helpful answerer in Amazon's Q&A section, so if you'd like a little more slack, this might not be the best choice for you. 

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